EU fördert Mitarbeiterweiterbildung

14 December 2022 Auch im Jahr 2022 wurde die Weiterentwicklung der VEROVACCiNES GmbH vorangetrieben. Mit Hilfe einer Förderung der beruflichen Weiterbildung von Beschäftigten in Unternehmen aus Mitteln des Europäischen Sozialfonds (ESF) konnten mehrere Mitarbeiter in den Bereichen „Good Manufacturing Practice“ und „Good Laboratory Practice“ weitergebildet werden. Mit diesen Maßnahmen wird das Qualitätsniveau weiter gehoben.

Verovaccines paves way for manufacturing its vaccines

12 October 2022 Verovaccines upscales manufacturing processes of its yeast-based vaccines to industrial scale This is an important milestone on the road to commercialization of this novel vaccine class Read more

VEROVACCiNES is now using a twin fermenter – many thanks to INFORS HT

24 March 2022 The new twin-fermenter will enable us to boost the number of fermentation runs in order to speed up optimization of manufacturing (upstream processing) generate quality data for our K. lactis yeast system (run-to-run consistency: biomass yield, antigen content, process reliability…) produce vaccine material for efficacy and safety trials under highly controlled conditions

VEROVACCiNES establishes Advisory Board and fills key position

17 February 2022 Verovaccines establishes advisory board with internationally experienced members from the vaccine world Ulrike Diesterbeck, DVM takes over the position of Head of Development The aim is to accelerate in-house vaccine development and bring new animal vaccines to market faster Read more

VEROVACCiNES closes Series B financing with consortium of investors from Germany and Switzerland

14 October 2021 Vaccine specialist closes Mid-Seven-Figure Series B Financing Round Shareholder group expanded by four new investors with important expertise The fresh funding will be used to drive several vaccine programs into regulatory development Read more

Verovaccines promotes the expertise of its Quality Assurance (Q/A) staff through continuing education/training

21 August 2021 This is supported e.g. by the European structural and investment funds. This allowed one employee to successfully attend a course on GMP auditing, which strengthens us in view of the upcoming production of our vaccines on an industrial scale under GMP conditions.

Verovaccines Achieves Full Protection of Target Animals Against Viral Challenge in its 4th Animal Vaccine Program

4 March 2021 Validation of novel, cost-effective, multi-valent animal vaccines with high safety and efficacy Results extend usability of the Company’s platform in the poultry sector Progeny fully protected against viral infection Read more

Eligibility of investor investments under the BMWi’s INVEST programm

30 November 2020 Verovaccines GmbH receives BAFA certification that it meets all the requirements for eligible investor participation. This means that investors can benefit from an acquisition grant and an exit grant when investing in the company.

Vaccine developer Verovaccines concludes further pharmaceutical cooperation

11 February 2020 Verovaccines GmbH concludes the second cooperation with an internationally operating veterinary pharmaceutical company The cooperation aims at the joint development of a veterinary vaccine based on the proprietary technology platform Read more

Verovaccines concludes international pharma cooperation agreement

3 December 2019 Verovaccines enters into first collaboration with a Japanese pharmaceutical company to jointly develop a veterinary vaccine The goal is to develop and commercialize novel, cost-effective vaccines with high safety and efficacy for animal health The company was financed for the seed phase by High-Tech Gruenderfonds, Business Angels and the founders as well […]