Verovaccines enters company growth phase

11 July 2023 Vaccine developer completes the validation of its vaccine and manufacturing platforms. Company to focus now on development to bring new vaccines to market quickly. Another swine vaccine enters pipeline. Read more

2023, March 06. – 08. Animal Health Innovation Europe, London

07 January 2023 Animal Health, Nutrition and Technology Innovation Europe is the sector’s premier innovation summit, showcasing the most exciting emerging companies and connecting them with investors and strategic partners. And we will be there again!

EU fördert Mitarbeiterweiterbildung

14 December 2022 Auch im Jahr 2022 wurde die Weiterentwicklung der VEROVACCiNES GmbH vorangetrieben. Mit Hilfe einer Förderung der beruflichen Weiterbildung von Beschäftigten in Unternehmen aus Mitteln des Europäischen Sozialfonds (ESF) konnten mehrere Mitarbeiter in den Bereichen „Good Manufacturing Practice“ und „Good Laboratory Practice“ weitergebildet werden. Mit diesen Maßnahmen wird das Qualitätsniveau weiter gehoben.

Verovaccines paves way for manufacturing its vaccines

12 October 2022 Verovaccines upscales manufacturing processes of its yeast-based vaccines to industrial scale This is an important milestone on the road to commercialization of this novel vaccine class Read more

Animal AgTech Innovation Summit 2022, Amsterdam

12 October 2022 We will be attending the summit also this year. We are excited to discuss new innovations, collaborations and partnerships with you. Come and reach out to us.

11. – 14.10.2022 World Vaccine Congress in Barcelona

11 October 2022 World Vaccine Congress in Barcelona Dr. Hanjo Hennemann will present Verovaccines subunit vaccine platform in the workshop „Platform Technologies“. The workshop will highlight different vaccine technologies (BioNTech, Curevac, ZAPI, CEPI, Verovaccines) and feedback from the regulatory perspective (EMA-TBC, Paul-Ehrlich-Institute). Meet us at the conference!

07. – 09.07.2022 11. Leipziger Tierärztekongress

07 September 2022 11th Leipzig Veterinary Congress 2022 We will be attending this year’s Leipzig Veterinary Congress. We are looking forward to an update on the needs in the animal health field, extending the professional network and learning about new applications of our vaccine technology.

VEROVACCiNES is now using a twin fermenter – many thanks to INFORS HT

24 March 2022 The new twin-fermenter will enable us to boost the number of fermentation runs in order to speed up optimization of manufacturing (upstream processing) generate quality data for our K. lactis yeast system (run-to-run consistency: biomass yield, antigen content, process reliability…) produce vaccine material for efficacy and safety trials under highly controlled conditions

VEROVACCiNES establishes Advisory Board and fills key position

17 February 2022 Verovaccines establishes advisory board with internationally experienced members from the vaccine world Ulrike Diesterbeck, DVM takes over the position of Head of Development The aim is to accelerate in-house vaccine development and bring new animal vaccines to market faster Read more

2022, Feb 22. – 23.: Animal Health Innovation Europe

22 January 2022 A planned face-to-face conference will take place in London on 22-23 February 2022. We look forward to meeting our business partners in person again.